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About us

Air Liquide has been present in the UK since 2004. Today we deliver gas solutions to a wide range of industries including metal fabrication, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and the offshore oil and gas industry. 

We work in a number of industries: 

Craftsmen, Automotive, Beverage, Chemical, Construction, glass, Environment, Food, Metal Fabrication, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology, puls and Paper, Renewable Energy, research and analysis. 

Our business

Air Liquide UK Ltd : Provides bulk gases to the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Also specific engineering solutions for particular applications are offered. Supplies rare, high purity gases and related equipment plus services to a large range of customers with specific requirements. Cylinder gases are supplied via a comprehensive agent network to end users. Also an extensive cylinder and equipment offering is available to the leisure industry.

Energas Ltd : Offers industrial, food grade, laboratory, leisure and LPG gas cylinders to the customer directly through a network of depots local to the end user. And also manages the Engweld brand providing welding equipment, consumables and tools.

Scientific and Technical Gases Ltd (Calgaz) : Specialises in the manufacture of high quality calibration gases and the supply of high purity gases and equipment.

Supply Modes

Air Liquide has world class expertise and flexibility in gas supply needed by industrial actors. Our supply chain is backed by standardized technologies, qualification processes and information systems that ensure reliability and safety while optimizing logistics.  

Thanks to our streamlined operations and our presence in the major international industrial basins, we are able to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering gases anytime, anywhere.

To this end, Air Liquide is a partner of choice for industrial actors. We accompany our customers and provide advanced capabilities from dedicated on-site supply to individually packaged gas.

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